COVID-19 Information & Updates

Together with the City of Twentynine Palms, Visit 29 Palms continues to closely monitor the latest developments and guidance provided by health officials during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In support of local and state efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, businesses in 29 Palms are continuing to modify operations, in accordance with the latest guidance and orders of both the San Bernardino County Health Department and the California Department of Public Health.

A regional stay-at-home order is currently in effect for the Southern California region, including the City of 29 Palms. This order went into effect on December 7, 2020 and will remain in effect until December 28, 2020. This order will be assessed on a weekly basis after the initial 3-week period and will be lifted when a region’s projected ICU capacity meets or exceeds 15%.

The order prohibits private gatherings of any size, closes sector operations except for critical infrastructure and retail, and requires 100% masking and physical distancing in all others. Except as otherwise required by law, no hotel or lodging entity in California shall accept or honor out of state reservations for non-essential travel, unless the reservation is for at least the minimum time period required for quarantine and the persons identified in the reservation will quarantine in the hotel or lodging entity until after that time period has expired.

Please be advised that everyone in California must wear a mask or face covering when outside of their home, with limited exceptions.

For detailed information and tracking of COVID-19 cases in the City of 29 Palms and San Bernardino County, please visit the San Bernardino County’s COVID-19 dashboard, available in both a desktop view and mobile view.